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Site Information



MONMOUTH County, 436 MATAWAN AVE , Aberdeen Township, NJ 077210000

Block: , Lot: , Coordinates: 567688:583275        View with DEP iMap         View with Google Map

Basic Information:
Brownfields Site Number: 8436, This site is for:,Assessed Value:
Site Status: DEP Case, Planning Area Designation: Planning Area 1, PI(Program Interest Number): 014700

Owner Information
OwnerType - unknown          Owner -          ,     
Phone: (999) 999-9999          Fax: (999) 999-9999          Email: Send an email to
Authorized Representative:          Relation to Owner:
Phone: (999) 999-9999          Email:

Municipal Contact
Contact:             ,    
Phone: (999) 999-9999          Fax: (999) 999-9999          Email:
Taxes Information
Tax certificate held: Unknown
Cost of annual property taxes:
Tax liens in effect: Unknown
Other liens or judgements in effect: No

Site Information
Current Zoning: Proposed Zoning:
Copy of title insurance policy available: Development plan completed: Unknown
Market study completed:Unknown

Current / Previous Operations
Description of current operations:
Description of prior operations/site history:

Property and Buildings
Property size in acres: Property size in range: Unknown
Land use or deed restriction(s) in effect: Unknown Easement(s) in effect: Unknown
Number of Buildings:

Public water available: Unknown Electric available: Unknown Gas available: Unknown
Public Sewer available: Unknown Telephone available: Unknown
Cable available: Unknown Fiber optics available: Unknown

Closest Major Highways Closest Local Highways
miles from site miles from site
Closest Rail Line Traffic study completed:Unknown
Rail Type: Road access:
Waterfront Access:Unknown
miles from site Public transportation access: Unknown

Wetlands present: NoRemediation in progress: Yes
Sensitive ecosystems or habitats present: NoEstimated completion of Remediation:
Endangered species present: NoNJ Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation (PA/SI) completed: No
Historic or archaeological site present: NoNJ Remedial Investigation (RI) completed: No
Located within 100 year flood plain: NoRemedial Action Workplan (RAW) completed: No
Located within 500 year flood plain: NoSite entered in State Voluntary Cleanup Program: No
Copies of environmental reports available: YesSite ever involved in environmental litigation: No
Site is on the following list: Regulatory sign-off completed: No

Final Comments
1) Assigned to Program,3/16/2005 2) C2: Formal Design - Known Source or Release with GW Contamination established 5/18/2006