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Message from the

NJ Brownfields Redevelopment Task Force

to Private Owners of Potential Brownfields Properties:

Dear Property Owner:

If you currently own a property that the State views as fitting within the definition of a “Brownfields,” we would like to inform you of the ways in which the future value and use of your property may be enhanced by listing it on the New Jersey Brownfields “Site Mart.” The potential benefits for a property listed on the “Site Mart” are twofold: Listing can attract the attention of interested developers; and listed properties may become eligible for State Brownfields incentives. The New Jersey Brownfields Redevelopment Task Force would like to help you redevelop where appropriate and, where necessary, to clean up your property. Listing properties on the “Site Mart” can be an integral part of this process. Although landowners, developers, the State of NJ, and municipalities may have different perspectives, many of our goals are the same, i.e., to redevelop or reuse underutilized properties to quickly return them to productive use.

Developers may be looking to purchase, clean up, and redevelop a property such as yours for a variety of reasons, including the availability of significant incentives provided by the government. There is also a new focus on revitalization by many municipalities, as they too seek to implement Smart Growth principles. To further these efforts, the State identifies “Brownfields” properties pursuant to N.J.S.A. 58:10B-23 for inclusion on the official inventory known as the New Jersey Brownfields “Site Mart” database. Numerous developers and property owners have already engaged in profitable interactions thanks to the “Site Mart” where land acquisitions and remediation activities are now well underway. This valuable “listing” service can be utilized for no fee.

Some property owners may be hesitant to list their properties on the “Site Mart,” because of additional liability concerns or fear of a stigma regarding the condition of the property. However, merely listing property on “Site Mart” does not create a landowner’s liability to the State. Moreover, there is no real stigma for having property listed on the “Site Mart.” In fact, as the State’s definition of a “Brownfields” makes clear, a Brownfields need not have any actual contamination. It has been suggested that listing a property on the “Site Mart” may somehow draw negative attention by environmental regulators. Information included on the “Site Mart” is already publicly available in other forms.

We understand that at this time, you may not be interested in selling your property and that can be clearly communicated to those who view your listing. Entering the “Site Mart” now, however, can likely expedite the process should you choose to sell your property at a future date. In addition, it can help indicate the potential marketability of your property.

We hope that, as a property owner, you will agree to execute the “Consent and Release” form to allow property to be posted on “Site Mart”, recognizing the clear benefits—whether now or at a later point—in having property listed as a “Brownfields.” We look forward to working with you in a partnership approach. Thank you.

Should you elect to execute and submit the standard “Consent and Release” form allowing your brownfield to be publicly listed on the “Site Mart,” please confirm for the Task Force the lots, blocks and street addresses for your properties. The “Consent and Release” form can be printed directly from the NJ “Site Mart” at Private Property Owner's Consent and Release Form.

New Jersey Brownfields Redevelopment Task Force